TSE-STUDS - Trackspeed Engineering Inconel turbo flange stud kit

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Product Description

Trackspeed Engineering Inconel turbo flange stud kit solves the problem of studs breaking under race conditions.

The stresses of extreme thermal cycling, high-RPM vibration, and high G-force cornering conspire to exceed the high-temperature yield strength of commonly available standard mild steel studs or more exotic 304/316 stainless steel studs. As the yield strength of the fastener is exceeded, it begins to expand, or creep, causing an immediate reduction in pre-load on the nuts –- akin to literally loosening them with a wrench. Once the fastener has worked its way loose, vibration will continue to spin the fastener off. If a high quality locking nut is used, the entire stud will spin out of the manifold. Safety-wiring all four nuts and studs together is only a temporary fix -– after only a few sessions, a stud will creep and cause exhaust leaks regardless.

A material-based problem requires a material-based solution…

Enter Inconel, a Nickel-based super-alloy developed for use on jet engines and nuclear reactors. Studs made of Inconel do not exhibit the same creep when exposed to high-temperatures, allowing the fastener to maintain pre-load and work as intended.

Trackspeed Engineering’s Inconel studs are machined specifically for use on the turbochargers most popularly used on Miatas. Because these are not off-the-shelf items, we were able to specify exact dimensions to assure thread engagement in the manifold as well as ease of installation with the manifold in the car. In addition, we were able to specify rolled threads which cause less stress concentration during production and result in a superior fastener. The end result is an exceptionally high-quality stud designed specifically for cast manifolds tapped to M10 × 1.50.

To complement our high-quality studs, we have chosen two products of similar quality.

Stage 8 Fasteners provides the nuts, retainers, and clips for our kit. These nuts are significantly easier and faster to install than standard locking nuts or copper split-locking nuts. Once the nuts are all installed and tightened, retainers and clips are installed. If one of the nuts attempts to back its way off of the stud, the retainer interferes with its surroundings and prevents the nut from loosening any further.

To securely fasten the studs into the manifold, we spec Resbond 907TS threadlock. 907TS does not exhibit the temperature deactivation that other chemical threadlocks do, but is still mild enough to be removed with hand tools should the need ever arise.

The stud kit includes:
• (4) 40mm M10 × 1.5 Inconel studs with rolled threads
• (4) M10 × 1.5 Stage 8 fastener sets
• (1) bottle Resbond 907TS