RB-51003 - Racing Beat ignition wires

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Racing Beat’s ULTRA 8mm Red Hot Ignition Wire Sets for the 1994-2000 Miata utilize silicone rubber for both the 8mm wire insulation and boots, with a minimum rating of 100,000 volts in all areas. The silicone rubber is designed to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -60 degrees F to +480 degrees F. Brass “screw-together” connectors are double-crimped onto the zinc-clad, stranded copper wire ends to provide absolute contact with no possibility of deterioration. The silicone boots seal watertight at the spark plugs and ignition coil for added protection. A unique design feature seals a wire wound resistor inside the spark plug terminal to optimize noise suppression and power.

These are the wires that Miata Magazine tested in the February 2000 issue. As stated, “The preferred choice for performance was the Racing Beat wires. On a dyno, the wires actually provided 1.5 horsepower. In addition, the acceleration and engine response was crisper than the other wires.”

To obtain maximum horsepower gains, while curbing radio interference from your ignition system, we recommend the use of resistor spark plugs with our ULTRA 8mm Street Ignition Wires.