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Project Mu Lug Nuts UNIVERSAL

Brand: Project Mu | Category: Lugs Nuts & Wheel Studs
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
PFNP125M Racing Floating Lug Nuts
Size 12x1.25
PFNP150M Racing Floating Lug Nuts
Size 12x1.50
PHPNP125B Hyper Lug Nut
Size 12x1.25
PHPNP150B Hyper Lug Nut
Size 12x1.50
PLNP125M Super Lock 7
Size 12x1.25
PLNP150M Super Lock 7
Size 12x1.50

Product Description

Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7
The Project Mu Super Lock Nut 7 features a unique heptagon shape that prevents theft even if a thief has a full set of socket wrenches. They won’t have the unique 7 sided socket to fit! They also have a 60 degree
conical seat to fit most aftermarket wheels. These M12×1.25 or M12×1.50 Super Lock Nut 7 come in packages of 20 lug nuts and come with the special socket adapter. Features SCM435 Alloy construction with a Project Mu aluminium cap.

- SCM435 steel
- Black finish with aluminum Project Mu cap
- Closed end type lug nut

Project Mu Racing Floating Nuts
The Project Mu Racing Floating Nuts are made with a floating aluminum collar on nut taper. This super-light and hard nut works to improve contact with the wheel and prevent loose screws. It is made of Chromium-molybdenium steel (SCM435).

Project Mu Hyper Nuts