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Painless Performance Interior Accessories UNIVERSAL


30120 Universal Intergrated Turn Signal Kit
30805 GM Column & Dimmer Switch Pigtail
80170 GM Style Jamb Switch
80200 1/8" LED Dash Indicator Light
Color Amber
80203 5/16" Dash Indicator Light
Color Amber
80211 1/2" Dash Indicator Light
Color Blue
80173 Universal Windshield Wiper Switch
3 Position, for 2Speed Wiper
80176 Brake Light Switches
4 Terminal Switch
80209 1/2" Dash Indicator Light
Color Red
30806 GM Column Installation Kit
80150 Floor Mount Dimmer Switch
80171 Hydraulic Brake Light Switch
80172 Brake Light Switches
2 Terminal Switch
80205 5/16" Dash Indicator Light
Color Green
80153 Universal Ignition Switch
80151 Headlight Switch
w/ Aluminum Knob
80201 1/8" LED Dash Indicator Light
Color Red
80202 1/8" LED Dash Indicator Light
Color Green
80207 1/2" Check Engine Light
Color Amber
80208 1/2" Dash Indicator Light
Color Amber
80210 1/2" Dash Indicator Light
Color Green
80503 Push Button Starter Switch
30301 Universal Gauge Harness
For Cable Driven Speedometer
30302 Universal Gauge Harness
For Electric Speedometer
40027 Ceramic Voltage Reducer
80120 Small Switch Kit
80152 Headlight Switch
w/ GM Style Black Knob
80121 Large Switch Kit
80154 Headlight Switch
w/ Plastic Knob
80174 Low Pressure Brake Light Switch
w/ Plug-In Pigtail
80204 5/16" Dash Indicator Light
Color Red
80206 5/16" Dash Indicator Light
Color Blue
57050 Switch Actuator Removal Tool
57051 LED Weatherproof On/Off Switch
57052 LED Weatherproof On/Off/On Switch

Product Description

Universal Gauge Harness
If you want to keep your under-dash area organized or you think that you need to remove gauges from time to time then you need to install our universal gauge harness. It will connect all major brand gauges including Auto Meter and VDO and works with most dash layouts and sizes. Harness includes wiring for turn signals and high beam indicator light.

GM Column & Dimmer Switch Pigtail
Original factory connectors to replace worn out or damaged connectors for early GM keyed steering columns. GM color-coded wires are ready to connect into your existing harness. Includes: two keyed ignition switch pigtails, one turn signal pigtail with two connectors; one dimmer switch pigtail. Wire length: 12 Inches.

GM Column Installation Kit
All the plugs and terminals for your early GM keyed steering column in one kit. Contains two ignition switch connectors, two turn signal connectors and one dimmer switch connector and terminals for each.

Universal Integrated Turn Signal Kit
A common problem faced by rodders and kit car builders is where to mount the turn signal switch since many aftermarket steering columns are not designed to accommodate the necessary wiring and switches. Problem solved with this new Integrated Turn Signal Kit from Painless. The toggle switches for both turn signals and hazards can be mounted anywhere. Because the kit is designed to be an integrated system, turn signals will work in conjunction with brake lights.

Headlight Switch with Plastic Knob – A
Four position; off, park, low beam and high beam.

Headlight Switch with Aluminum Knob – B
3 position; dash light dim, no dome light control.

Dimmer Switch – C
GM type foor mounted dimmer

Universal Ignition Switch – D
Dash mounted ignition switch w/two keys.

Headlight Switch with GM Style Black Knob – E
80152 – 3 position; dash light dim and dome light control.

Replacement Headlight Switch kit – F
3 position headlight switch, a floor mounted dimmer, and two GM style grounding door jam switches.

Replacement Switch Kit – G
One 3 position headlight switch, one floor mounted dimmer, two GM style grounding door jam switches, and one universal ignition switch with keys.

Push Button Starter Switch – H
With cover

UniversalWindshieldWiper Switch – I
Three position switch operates 2-speed wiper motor with on-off and washer function.

Hydraulic Brake Light Switch – J
1/8” Pipe thread fitting. 60 -80 PSI

Brake Light Switches – K
2 Terminal switch #80176 – 4 Terminal switch

Low Pressure Brake Light Switch – L
Comes complete w/plug-in pigtail.1/8” pipe thread. (Activates at approx 25lbs. pressure)

Magnetic Door Jamb Switch Kit
Turn dome lights on and off without unsightly switches mounted on door frame. A magnet mounted on the door activates a reed switch mounted in the post for a clean look and smooth operation. Choose ground activation (ground wire to the dome light) or power activation (power wire to the dome light.)

Jamb TacWireless Contact Kits
Jamb Tac keeps door jambs looking neat and free from wires. These heavy duty solid brass contacts handle up to 60 amps per circuit.
Mounts anywhere in the doorjamb. Kits are complete with connectors, instructions and mounting template. (Note that opening the door breaks contact – your power windows, door locks or speakers will not operate with the door open).

GM Style Jamb Switch