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Painless Performance Fuel Injection Harnesses Accessories UNIVERSAL


60114 LT-1 Distributor Adapter
Factory Style Replacement Pigtail
60118 Throttle Body Manifold Adapter
60122 Park/Neutral Relay Kit
60127 LS Engine Coil 24" Extension Harness
80175 Neutral Safety/Backup Switch
60124 GM Coil to Distributor Harness
60550 GM GEN III Benchtop Flash Pigtail Harness
30813 HEI Tachometer Lead
60110 Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit
200-4R Transmission
60125 GM Coil Power/Tach Pigtail
64023 VATS Anti-Theft Bypass
30118 GEN III, IV Truck Dual Activation/Dual Fan Relay Kit
30809 HEI Power Lead Pigtail
60109 Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit
700R4 Transmission
60113 LT-1 Distributor Adapter
Factory Style Replacement Pigtail
60119 EGR Adapter
60116 Vehicle Speed Sensor
60130 EV1/Bosch Fuel Injector Conn Kit
60131 EV6/US Car Fuel Injector Conn Kit
64024 VATS Anti-Theft Bypass

Product Description

GM Gen IV Tach Driver
The ECM used in GM Gen IV applications does not have a tach output wire to provide a tach signal to a tachometer. This small device converts the 5 Volt 58X crank sensor signal from any Gen IV GMV8 engine into a 12 Volt signal useable by most aftermarket and OEM tachometers.

Fuel Injector Connector Kits
If you need to repair crushed or broken connectors on your factory harness or are converting your injectors found on modern multi-port fuel injection systems, Painless now offers this repair/change over kit. Contains terminals, seals, terminal locks, and connectors for 8 injectors.

LS Engine Coil 24” Extension Harness
Includes two 24” pigtails to allow relocating coils off the valve covers. Factory color coded wires and weatherproof connectors. One drivers side, one passenger side pigtail.

Park/Neutral Relay Kit
This kit uses the stock neutral safety switch to also provide for ECM park/neutral ground signal needed when installing factory-style fuel injection into older vehicles. For use with any aftermarket shifter or column mounted neutral safety switch.

Neutral Safety/Backup Switch
This kit is engineered to perform as a neutral safety switch or a backup-light switch by using one of two trigger levers included. Fits GM Turbo 350, 400 and 700R4 transmissions.

HEI Replacement Power Pigtail
For GM HEI distributor.

HEI Tachometer Lead
For the GM HEI distributor. Includes OEM distributor connector and 6 feet of wire.

GM Coil to Distributor Harness
Connects coil to distributor on TBI & TPI engines.

GM Coil Power/Tach Pigtail
Connects power and tach to coil on TBI & TPI engines.

Throttle Body Manifold Adapter
To convert from carburetion to TBI without having to replace your manifold. For square or spread bore base and accepts any 43 mm bore throttle body from 4.3L, 5.0L and 5.7L GM engines.

VATS Anti-theft bypass
For 1990-92 GM Tuned Port engines.

ClassicBraid EFI Kit
Includes wire covering for most fuel injection installations.

PowerBraid Fuel EFI Kit.
Includes wire covering for most fuel injection installations.

700R4/200-4R transmission related items:

  • Vehicle Speed Sensor (TBI & MAF TPI)
    2 pulse VSS for all TBI and Early TPI EFI systems.
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor (MAP TPI)
    4 pulse VSS for Late TPI and Early LT1 EFI systems.

Torque Converter Lockup Kits
These kits for the 700R4 and 200-4R transmissions will control the lock up function of the torque convertor without the need of a VSS or any interaction with an ECM. The vacuum controlled switch and a 4th gear pressure switch supplied with this kit controls the torque converter lock up solenoid.