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Moroso Cooling System Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Radiator Caps


63307 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 6-8 lbs
63309 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 8-10 lbs
63313 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 12-16 lbs
63316 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 14-18 lbs
63320 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 19-21 lbs
63324 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 23-25 lbs
63328 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 27-29 lbs
63332 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 31-33 lbs
63401 Universal Tank Mounting Bracket
Diameter 3.00" - 3.25"
63402 Universal Tank Mounting Bracket
Diameter 2.44" - 2.69"
63425 Remote Thermostat Housing
Inlet Ports on Bottom
63426 Remote Thermostat Housing
Inlet Ports on Each Side
63657 Radiator Overflow Tank
63700 Radiator Hose Drain
63730 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.50" - 1.50" hose
63740 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.50" - 1.25" hose
63745 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.25" - 1.25" hose
63760 Thermostatic Switch
For Electric Water Pump
63765 Air Bleed Valve
64000 Stainless Steel Flex Fan
63800 Radiator & Intercooler Cap Cover
Fits Ford Radiator and Intercooler Cap #s 1W138101AA, F6DZ8100A, RS103, RS527, XL3V8101AA, XL3Z8100AA
63801 Radiator Cap Cover
Fits Chevrolet Radiator Cap #s 103005080, 20838623, 25713160, RC87, RC107
63802 Radiator & Intercooler Cap Cover
Knurled Grip
Fits Ford Radiator and Intercooler Cap #s 1W138101AA, F6DZ8100A, RS103, RS527, XL3V8101AA, XL3Z8100AA
63803 Radiator Cap Cover
Knurled Grip
Fits Chevrolet Radiator Cap #s 103005080, 20838623, 25713160, RC87, RC107
63422 Filler Neck Manifold Housing
-16AN Female Port To Be Used w/ # 22622, 63521, 63522, 63523, 63525
Use Moroso Bolt-On Filler Necks # 63460, 63461, 63465, 63466 or Block-Off Plate # 63471
Color Black
Material Billet Aluminum
63741 Radiator Hose Drain
Size 3/8in Petcock 1-1/2in To 1-1/4in
63746 Radiator Hose Drain
Size 3/8in Petcock 1-1/4in To 1-1/4in
63440 Water Outlet Restrictor Kit
For GM V8, GM V6, Ford 260-302
Pack of 3

Product Description


  • Bleeds air from any cooling system
  • Resistant to fuels, oil and anti-freeze
  • Brass construction with push button to release pressure
  • Fits 1/8” NPT thread


  • Provides automatic control of ElectricWater Pumps Nos. 63539, 63546, 63547, 63555, 63557, 63565, 63570, 63575, 63585 & 63595 and ElectricWater Pump Drive Kit No. 63750
  • Eliminates unnecessary battery drain by turning on the electric pump motor when coolant temperature exceeds 160° F (±5°) and turning it off when coolant temperature reaches 140° F (±5°)
  • Toggle Switch has three settings: Automatic,Manual and Off. In the “Manual” position, the motor is constantly on.
  • Contact rating of switch is 15 amps at 32 volts; use with 10 amp fuse (not included


  • Fits: Standard-size radiator filler necks, including Moroso Nos. 63420, 63465, 63466, 63467, 63485, 63486, 63650, 63651, 63655, 63656, 63730, 63740 and 63745.
  • Available with low and high pressure ratings to accommodate the needs of all cooling systems
  • Stainless steel spring maintains accurate pressure setting over time and will not rust
  • Includes solid brass spring retainer


  • Cast aluminum drain adapts the 1-1/4” outlet from the popular VW Scirocco radiator to the 1-9/16” inside diameter of the standard lower radiator hose found in most Chevys
  • Includes petcock for draining engine coolant
  • 100% leak tested


  • 356-T6 cast aluminum Radiator Hose Fillers are spliced into the upper radiator hose to provide more complete cooling system filling
  • Standard size radiator cap receptacle is welded to the cast flange (radiator cap not included)
  • 100% leak tested


  • 17” diameter, high strength stainless steel
  • Fan blades flatten as engine RPM increases to reduce parasitic drag and increase horsepower
  • Stainless Steel blades “spring” back to original shape at lower RPM; after repeated cycles, inferior aluminum fans do not
  • Uses standard fan spacers and fits most applications
  • Not recommended for air conditioned cars


  • Corrosion resistant brass; fits standard 1/2” NPT tapped holes in cylinder heads and manifolds
  • 5/8” -18 threaded hole in fitting accepts popular sending units


  • Restricting coolant flow leaving the engine lets you control the amount of heat absorbed by the coolant
  • Red, gold and blue anodized aluminum restrictor plates are mounted under the water outlet on the intake manifold
  • Kit consists of three restrictor plates with 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” I.D. holes for optimum coolant flow, 2-1/8” O.D.


  • Lightweight Plastic design holds full quart capacity
  • Can be used in many forms of competition, NHRA & IHRA accepted
  • Vented tank includes hose fitting and drain cock
  • Dimensions: 10-1/2” high (overall), 3” tank diameter


  • No. 63401 fits all 3” to 3.25” diameter tanks (including Moroso Overflow Tank No. 63657
  • No. 63402 fits all tanks with a 2.44” to 2.69” diameter
  • Manufactured from a one-piece zinc plated steel bracket with 11/32” mounting holes with a sliding, stainless steel T-Bolt clamp
  • Locking nut to prevent loosening
  • Quick disconnect strap
  • Meets the requirements of all sanctioning bodies