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Maruha Motors power clutch systems MAZDA

Brand: Maruha Motors | Category: Clutches

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Product Description

It is well known that ATS Inc. takes the initiative in carbon parts for motor sports in the world. This time carbon clutch system and metal clutch system both for Miatas have become available by Maruha and ATS joint. This new line-up for Maita clutch is epoch-making invention.

The general clutch tuning would consist of a genuine cover and disk with the addition of a light weight-flywheel. This situation is same as in Japan and in the USA. But this system is not enough performance for racers want more aggressive attack. Maruha power clutch systems has a very unique performance.

The prices are also so reasonable, this is Maruha’s challenge to the new market.

Adaptation: All Miata model

Maruha Power Clutch System / Carbon disk
Maruha Power Clutch System / Metallic disk

Center pilot bearing / Genuine parts
Release bearing / Genuine parts

*These two items are out of kits, please take them separately.

Flywheel / 3.7kg:
The machining process starts from outer side. And in the next, a machine grasps a flywheel and never releases it until it finishes. One chuck, machining the face and back, and drilling and tapping is how every machining process is done all at once.

Our unique machining method is possible by the special machine for flywheels, that high-level precision process has so much uniformity that it is unnecessary for any balancing.

As for the strength, the material consists of carbon steel with thermal heat disposal at the final process, and this keeps the it very strong. In spite of light weight, there are no holes to reduce weight. This is one feature of the Maruha flywheel.

A pilot bearing is inserted into the center of a flywheel. This pilot bearing sometimes comes out of the flywheel through strong vibrations during a race. Maruha clutch system can prevent this phenomenon by a steel plate, making the pilot stable to keep a main shaft of a transmission.

Metallic clutch:
OD 9” ( 230mm ), this is the largest size in Miata market

When comparing Maruha disc with other companies’ products, you find how much discs are so light compared to others.
Maruha’s discs only weigh 800g and this lightweight helps synchronizers by bringing an accurate shift change at high rpm.

Though it is the largest OD size, control friction materials make clutch meeting more easily and provide high performance for torque transmitting, endurance and easy operation than usual metallic discs.

Carbon clutch:
OD 9” ( 230mm ), this is the largest size in Miata market

A melting point of carbon is higher than other material for clutch, The difference is over 1,000 centigrade. Carbon has very tough endurance against heat. The specific gravity is 1.7 and weight is about half of titanium. Thermal expansion is 1/10 of steel, thus making it a suitable material for clutches.

Maruha power clutches have a special carbon disc. This disc has so many carbon fibers flowing any directions of 3D. Usually a carbon fiber is cross like beautiful cloth, but our disc is completely NOT like crossed appearance. This proves that Maruha carbon discs are extremely strong.

Three faces to meet is for reducing weight. Carbon material has such a big capacity to transmit torque, meaning only three faces are enough. The effect of a lightweight clutch is very big. Only a 500g super light disc is tender for synchronizers and vibrations in a transmission and can contribute quicker shifts.

Even if high-heat is given off by hard driving, carbon seldom be deformed and can keep a flat form. Carbon discs also have a wide range performance at a clutch meet. Every body can control it easily.

The most distinguished point is price. Yes, carbon material was very expensive. But now we can supply our carbon clutch system with a reasonable price for Miata owners. We are proud of this price which many Miata owners can take them.

Clutch cover:
We adapted a forged aluminum and integrated body with cover and pressure plate.
And to get it silent like OEM, it connects pressure plates and cover by 15pcs steel spring plates. When you press the clutch pedal, you can never hear a judder like other racing clutches.

These consisted parts are fixed by bolts and it is possible to replace each part and modify pressure power by exchanging spring plates.

Maruha power clutch systems are set as 1,000kg a pressure cover. Please do not hesitate, in our system 1,000kg is not heavy, but very light like a stock clutch. It is very easily controlled. This high performance is like magic with our crafts and skills.  

Compatible metallic and carbon disc:
From a reason that both systems include a common flywheel and pressure cover, it is possible to change discs from each other with exchanging some parts.