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Jass Performance hardtop rear mount security kit MAZDA

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
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Click For More Info 2006 - 2015 MX-5 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

The Jass Performance hardtop rear mount security kit helps deter theft of hard tops by replacing the “Frankenstein” bolt and yoke setup with a hex head bolt beneath the “chrome blocks,” trapping the hard top to the car.

Those blocks are secured by very small screws and thieves are unlikely to have a small enough screwdriver to open up the blocks, and it would take them too long to deal with it rather than the usual smash the side glass, undo the front and/or side latches, and slide the top right off.

The kit also allows sliding the hardtop further forward than stock yokes in order to better seal the front edge of the hardtop against the windshield frame.

Another benefit is that the hardtop is held lower than the stock setup to minimize potential squeaks at the rear seal.

This kit includes everything needed to replace the stock parts on both sides of the hardtop.