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Edelbrock Nitrous Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Edelbrock | Category: Nitrous Accessories


71900 Progressive Nitrous Controller
72214 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
72271 Lighted Toggle Switch
Style Toggle
Type 1 Pole/Single Throw
72960 Nitrous Blow-Down Tube (22in long)
76504 Bottle Nut Combo Wrench
76576 Nitrous Distribution Block
Billet Aluminum
Color Black
72176 4AN Purge Valve Kit
72212 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
72213 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
72310 Standard 10lb Bottle Valve w/ Siphon Tube
76538 Billet Distribution Fittings
One-In, Four-Out Distribution Block
Color Blue
Size 6 AN
71907 Digital Delay Timer
72274 Push Button Switch
72279 Microswitch w/ Universal Bracket
72314 Standard 15lb Bottle Valve w/ Siphon Tube
72950 Remote Electric Arming Valve Kit
76562 Tubing
Tube Bundle, 12in long, Qty 16
Bend Angle Straight
Center Line Radius N/A
Diameter (in.) 0.1875
Finish Stainless Steel
Leg/Straight Length N/A
Overall Length (in.) 12 (1 ft.)
Thickness N/A
76574 Nitrous Distribution Block
Billet Aluminum
Color Black
72270 30 Amp Relay Assembly
Includes Switches, Relay, Wiring & Connectors
72901 Standard Replacement Safety Valve
72178 6AN Purge Valve Kit
72210 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
72211 Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
72272 Covered Toggle Switch
Style Toggle
Type 1 Pole/Single Throw
72700 Bottle Heater
For 10lb & 15lb Bottles
72961 Racer Safety Blow-Off Adapter (for use w/ Blow-Down Tube)
76503 3/16in Tube Bending Tool
76578 Nitrous Distribution Block
Billet Aluminum
Color Black
72273 Miniature Lighted Rocker Switch
Style Rocker
Type 1 Pole/Single Throw
76535 Billet Distribution Fittings
One-In, Four-Out Pro Flo Distribution Fitting
Color Black
Size 3/8in NPT to 1/8in NPT
72900 Replacement Pressure Relief Disk
72952 1/4-Turn Ball Valve Kit
.375 Orifice, Rated to 2,000PSI
76549 1/16in NPT Pipe Tap
For E2, E3, & Dry Nozzles
Angle Straight
Fitting Size 5/8 in. NPT
Fitting Type Adapter
Material Aluminum
Style Reusable
76506 Flow Test Tool
72281 Microswitch
For Holley 4500 Series Carbs
72282 Microswitch
For Holley standard-flange Carbs w/o choke (will not fit H.P. series)
72352 Replacement Billet Handwheel
76559 1/8in NPT Pipe Tap
For E1 Nozzles
Angle Straight
Fitting Size 1/8 in. NPT
Fitting Type Adapter
Material Aluminum
Style Reusable
72209 Pressure Deactivation Switch
Adjustable from 3-25PSI
72285 Microswitch
For Barry Grant King Demon Carbs
72410 Replacement Pressure Relief Disk
72280 Microswitch
For Edelbrock Performer & Thunder Series AVS Carbs
72284 Microswitch
For Barry Grant Race Demon Carbs
72312 Standard 12-oz. Bottle Valve

Product Description

Purge Valve Kits keep the supply of fresh liquid nitrous at the solenoid(s) for instant and repeatable nitrous injection. This purge kit bleeds accumulated nitrous vapor from the supply lines. Includes solenoid, activation switch, filter, aircraft-quality fittings and wiring.

The Bottle Nut Combo Wrench is one handy item to keep with your bottle. Compatible with all nitrous brands, it fits in your glove box, under your seat, or even in your pocket. This wrench features 3AN, 4AN, 6AN, and 1-1/4” bottle nut wrenches all in one convenient package. Black anodized aluminum and laser etched for a sharp, clean look!

The Edelbrock Flow Test Tool is used to ensure that you have adequate fuel pressure for your nitrous system (measures flowing pressure). This tool features an easy-to-read fuel pressure gauge, a variety of jets to set the correct flow restriction, and easy attachment to your existing fuel line.

The Tube Bending Tool makes installation of those tough-to-bend direct port nitrous lines a breeze. Get a professional looking installation every time. Can also be used on other 3/16” hard lines.

The Edelbrock Relay Assembly is a replacement harness used to transfer a nitrous system into a different vehicle or with many other devices, which require a wide open throttle activation.

The Remote Arming Kit allows you to open and close the bottle valve with the flip of a switch from inside the driver’s compartment.

The Nitrous Blow-Down Tube, and Blow-Off Adapter & Safety Valve is CNC-machined Racer Safety Blow-Off Adapter replaces the standard safety valve to allow for the use of a hard line blow-down tube like the Edelbrock Nitrous Blow-Down Tube. At 22” long, our blow-down tube is longer than most competitors’ tubes for easier installation. #72901 is a direct replacement for the safety valves that come with all Edelbrock nitrous bottles (5-lb. and larger).