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Edelbrock Gaskets UNIVERSAL

Brand: Edelbrock | Category: Gaskets


9300 Gasgacinch Sealant
4 oz
3894 Replacement 2V Air Valve Gasket
For Pro-Flo 2 Part #35030
6989 Street Tunnel Ram 2-0 Gasket Set
7207 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 1.14in x 2.20in
Thickness 0.120in
72078 Intake Manifold Gasket
10 Pieces
Port Size 1.14in x 2.20in
Thickness 0.120in
7252 Water Pump Gasket Kit
8700 Intake Manifold Gasket
3895 Replacement 4V Air Valve Gasket
For Pro-Flo 2 Part #3500 & #3550
7206 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 1.14in x 2.20in
Thickness 0.060in
7217 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 1.31in x 2.02in
Thickness 0.060in
7232 Victor 5.0 Gasket Set
7253 Water Pump Gasket Kit
3866 High-Flo TPI Runners Manifold Gasket Set
6940 Victor Jr. Sportsman 2V Manifold Gasket Set
6988 Victor Ram - Top Manifold Gasket Set
7257 Water Pump Gasket Kit
3813 Replacement Throttle Body Flange Gasket
For Pro-Flo XT Systems w/ 90mm Throttle Body
3831 Replacement Throttle Body Flange Gasket
For 75mm Throttle Body
6950 Performer Series Intake Manifold Gasket Kit
7219 Intake Manifold Gasket
For Edelbrock Victor Jr. Cylinder Heads w/o Heat Crossover
Port Size 1.28in x 2.10in
Thickness 0.060in
7559 Valve Cover Gasket
Thickness .130in
2864 Intake Manifold Spacer Kit
3896 Ford EGR Gasket
For #3721, #3723, #3781 & #3783 Manifolds
7241 Exhaust Gasket
Port Size 1.813in x 1.75in
7251 Water Pump Gasket Kit
6999 Street Tunnel Ram Manifold Gasket Set
7254 Water Pump Gasket Kit
7231 Performer RPM 5.0 Gasket Set
7245 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 2.020in x 2.635in
Thickness 0.060in
7258 Water Pump Gasket Kit
3832 Performer 5.0 Gasket Set
3897 Ford EGR Gasket
For #3721, #3723, #3781 & #3783 Manifolds
6942 Performer 2V-4V Intake Manifold Gasket Set
72068 Intake Manifold Gasket
10 Pieces
Port Size 1.14in x 2.20in
Thickness 0.060in
7218 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 1.23in x 2.13in
Thickness 0.060in
7386 O-Rings For Intake Manifold Gasket
Pack of 8
7389 Cylinder Head Gasket
Bore 4.540in
Compressed 0.039in
Volume 10.05cc
7279 Intake Manifold Gasket
Port Size 2.00x1.84in
Thickness 0.060in
7256 Valley Pan Gasket
For Use w/5 in. Bore Spacing Block
7271 Intake Manifold Gasket
For GM LS3 Cross-Ram Intake Manifold #7141 / 71413
7249 Intake Manifold Gasket Set
For Use w/Big Victor 3
4.84 in. Bore Spacing
7255 Valley Pan Gasket
For Use w/4.84 in. Bore Spacing Block
7260 Thermostat Gasket
For Small Block and Big Block Applications
7395 Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Incl. Intake/Exhaust/Head/Waterneck/Distributor/Valve Cover Gaskets
For LS3 Edelbrock Cross Ram

Product Description

Any gasket can create a seal, but a good gasket can do it with less clamping force, and for a longer period of time. Edelbrock’s gaskets are not only manufactured from extremely high quality materials, but theyre also designed specifically to fit our intakes and cylinder heads, so theres no chance that our gaskets will interfere with the operation of either component. These gaskets also work with most stock cylinder heads and intakes, aluminum or cast-iron, as well as other aftermarket components. Top quality Edelbrock gaskets ensure a perfect seal every time.

Matched to Edelbrock Performer and Performer RPM cylinder heads and manifolds, our Intake Gaskets allow for optimum flow and performance. The new MP-2N Micropore® technology does not use solvents making our gaskets environmentally friendly. Impervious to most chemicals, this synthetic fiber composite provides a high recovery under load. This means that when compressed, the gasket will conform to any imperfections on the sealing surface even using lower flange pressures. A nitrile bead around each port opening makes the seal even better.

Edelbrock Exhaust Gaskets are made of EnCore™ HTX-900; a high-density non-asbestos fiber/metal core composite material consisting of two graphite coated, heat resistant fiber blended sheets that are mechanically and chemically fused to an expanded steel core. The finished product provides high heat resistance, excellent load retention and unmatched sealing performance on exhaust manifold and header applications. A 50% recovery rate allows for gasket expansion in the event your header loses the proper header bolt torque.

Fabricated from performance CRC (core-reinforced-composite), Edelbrock Valve Cover Gaskets provide excellent sealing integrity and conformability for easy installation. The multi-layer construction has two highly compressible, high rubber content, fiber-reinforced outside layers which are chemically bonded to a high strength composite core. This unique core-reinforced construction has a radial strength to resist high-vacuum or blow-out conditions.

Edelbrock replacement gaskets are made to our high standards of quality and performance. They’re the same high quality gaskets that we supply with our intakes, heads, carbs and other components.