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Left to right: Bill Schenker, Chris Adam, Bill Wilner

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  • we're honored to have been selected as the exclusive authorized worldwide exporter from Japan of beautiful ArtWorks/Dewa gauge faces
  • we're experts on exotic Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) parts and we can quickly get them from Japan to you
  • we sponsor two National Championship level Miata racers with whose cars we test the products we design, manufacture, and sell
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Bill Wilner & Miata designer Tom Matano - 1999


  • like everyone else, I fell in love with the Miata the minute it came out, but I was put off by the dealers not allowing test drives and then on top of that, gouging on prices -- so I bought an Integra instead
  • even though I had passed up becoming a Miata owner, I assembled a team of friends and entered an annual local sand sculpture contest; based on a clay model I made, we spent four hours at the beach constructing a life-sized sculpture of a Miata driven by a huge cat wearing sunglasses and giving a thumbs-up -- thanks to the "Miata fever" sweeping the nation at the time, we won first place!


  • I sold the Integra and bought a super-clean always-garaged Brilliant Black 1995 PEP with only 6000 miles
  • I placed a huge order with Flyin' Miata
  • I drove from California to Texas to have Corky Bell of BEGI design and install one of the first 1.8 Miata turbo kits
  • I had the body modified with Racing Beat front bumper, RAS rear bumper, Wings West rocker panels, and a pearl white racing stripe
  • I got the license plate "PP LE PU" (a la Pepe le Pew, the Warner Bros. cartoon character, a black skunk with a white stripe)
  • Pepe won the "People's Choice" prize at the "Miatas At the Ranch" national Miata meet in Solvang, CA


  • I served in elected and appointed positions for The Southern California Miata Club (SOCALM) as Webmaster, Vice President, Regional Representative, and Raffle Coordinator


  • I began collecting Road&Ster magazine and for nearly ten years, I led quarterly group buys for each new issue
Road&Ster collection and other Japanese Roadster books


  • I worked for Mazdaspeed.net import parts business


  • I began RoadsterJDM.com import parts business




  • as my first foray into manufacturing, I had a NASA subcontractor machine shop make billet steel oil pump gerotors and prepare blueprinted oil pumps; between 2006-2008, I sold 48 of them without any reported failures
  • I set up a Yahoo Group, RoadsterJDM to promote Road&Ster-style tuning
  • a group member helped convert the RoadsterJDM Yahoo Group into the RoadsterJDM.net forum
  • as the RoadsterJDM.net forum founder, I served as Content Editor and Lead Moderator; I later resigned and ceased participating, and even for a long time afterwards, I was still ranked as the top poster
  • I was one of the original core members of KINOD (a local SoCal Miata anti-club) who had met through RoadsterJDM.net
  • I accept full responsibility for coining the "Garage Woolery" brand name for the Tech Days and other shenanigans of longtime local friend and fellow JDM-ophile, David Woolery
Mr. Woolery demonstrating how to measure wheel offset

  • I resigned from RoadsterJDM.net to focus on my business (at the time, RoadsterJDM.com); to prevent confusion, the forum name was changed from RoadsterJDM.net to ClubRoadster.net
  • ultimately, I settled on the business name MiataRoadster to reflect a broadened scope beyond the JDM world that is my first love
  • I opened the MiataRoadster.com web store v.1.0 and MiataRoadster.net forum



  • MiataRoadster began sponsoring SCCA Solo Miata racer, Bill Schenker


  • I solicited OS Giken to select Bill Schenker's MiataRoadster-sponsored race car as their very first sponsored USA Miata with a Super Lock LSD, single-plate clutch, and flywheel; for some time now, the car and MiataRoadster logo have been featured in OS Giken's monthly ad in Grassroots Motorsports magazine


  • MiataRoadster began sponsoring NASA PTE Miata racer, Jarrett Tamaye
  • I worked temporarily as the Editor of issues 2, 3, 4 of MiataJournal online magazine
  • Grassroots Motorsports October 2010 issue included a feature on Bill Schenker and his car
  • Road&Track December 2010 issue included a feature on Bill Schenker and his car


  • February 14: MiataRoadster web store v.2.0 opened


  • DashFlocking service introduced

Since 2006, MiataRoadster has been a leader in the high-performance aftermarket and has introduced many original products:

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Bill Wilner