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5X Racing adjustable fuel pressure regulators MAZDA

Brand: 5X Racing | Category: Fuel Pressure Regulators

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Product Description

5XRacing’s adjustable fuel pressure regulator will allow the user the abililty to adjust the fuel pressure at the fuel rail by simply turning an adjustment screw.

What’s the scoop?
5XRacing takes a Mazda fuel pressure regulator and modifies it to be adjustable by adding their custom fabricated mechanism.

Just send it to them and they will transform it into a trick adjustable factory quality regulator.

Why is this better than the other adjustable fuel pressure regulator kits out there?
It utilizes the factory fuel pressure regulator, which is a practically flawless part to begin with.

They’ve never had or heard of a problem with one for the 5+ years they’ve been racing Miatas.

Also, this kit does not have anything to do with modifying or altering the path of fuel lines.

There’s no cutting into the fuel lines, which creates potential for leaks and fire.

It uses the factory vacuum line, which keeps the pressure consistent, something that can’t be obtained with a universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Universal fuel pressure regulators dip and spike with different engine loads and RPM spikes (i.e. missed shifts) while this kit stays consistent just as your factory regulator would.

They didn’t take the easy way out with this kit and use a universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator, but instead put a lot of thought and development into this part and have been track testing it since 2010 without failures.

What will it do for the Miata?
This fuel pressure regulator will allow the user to adjust the fuel pressure at the fuel rail by simply turning an adjustment screw, which alters the air/fuel ratio by increasing or decreasing the pressure in the fuel rail.

Adjusting the fuel pressure will make the air/fuel ratio leaner or richer, which is essential for tuning the Miata’s engine for maximum horsepower, especially in stock based classes like Spec Miata where modifications are extremely limited.

Dialing in more fuel creates a richer mixture of fuel vs. air, which will benefit low RPM torque and horsepower for tracks that are tight and have low speed corners.

Dialing in less fuel will lean the ratio of fuel vs. air, which will benefit high RPM horsepower for tracks that are 3rd gear through 5th gear tracks without tight turns.

What is needed to use this regulator on the Miata?
Using 5XRacing’s regulator is as easy as removing the factory regulator, sending it to them to modify, then reinstalling it.

If you don’t want down time, for an additional charge we can source a clean used regulator to send to 5XRacing for you, then they will drop-ship the modified regulator directly to you.

It is suggested to set the fuel pressure to the factory setting range of 32-38 PSI at idle, then tune from there.

To properly tune, the user must have a fuel pressure gauge either installed full-time inline in the fuel line, or an external gauge to dial in the specified fuel pressure while idling in the shop.

5XRacing suggests adding their inline fuel gauge kit and an air/fuel ratio gauge to be able to accurately monitor and dial in the desired fuel pressure.

Please contact us for any additional questions, we’d be happy to help you “Stay Tuned”!