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Nitrous Express Nitrous Kit - Direct Port - Piranha EFI System UNIVERSAL


Select A Make to Narrow the Selection
80000EFI-00 V8 AN Gasoline EFI (100-150-200-300-400-500HP)
Bottle Not Included
80000EFI-05 V8 AN Gasoline EFI (100-150-200-300-400-500HP)
Bottle 5lbs
80000EFI-10 V8 AN Gasoline EFI (100-150-200-300-400-500HP)
Bottle 10lbs
80000EFI-12 V8 AN Gasoline EFI (100-150-200-300-400-500HP)
Bottle 12lb Composite Bottle
80000EFI-15 V8 AN Gasoline EFI (100-150-200-300-400-500HP)
Bottle 15lbs
80004EFI-00 4Cyl Gasoline EFI (50-75-100-150-200HP)
Bottle Not Included
80004EFI-05 4Cyl Gasoline EFI (50-75-100-150-200HP)
Bottle 5lbs
80004EFI-10 4Cyl Gasoline EFI (50-75-100-150-200HP)
Bottle 10lbs
80004EFI-12 4Cyl Gasoline EFI (50-75-100-150-200HP)
Bottle 12lb Composite Bottle
80004EFI-15 4Cyl Gasoline EFI (50-75-100-150-200HP)
Bottle 15lbs
ALUPEFI Up-Grade Any EFI Single Stage to Alcohol

Product Description

The NX Direct Port Piranha EFI Systems are for the crowd who have already modified their engines with high strength internal engine parts. These systems utilize the patented NX “Piranha” nozzle and are adjustable up to 300 Horsepower! Available standard with high tech distribution blocks, optional “Next Generation” rail technology or “Shower Head” distribution blocks. Nitrous system comes complete with your choice of 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, or 12lb composite nitrous bottle, stainless bottle brackets, stainless hard lines, nozzles, jetting, and all necessary electrical components. This system requires the drilling and tapping of intake.


  • 50-300 W.H.P.
  • Compact Piranha Nozzle
  • 4cyl, 6cyl, and 8cyl Applications
  • Unmatched Nitrous Distribution
  • Extra Long D-4 Stainless Braided Supply Line
  • Works With E.F.I. Fuel Pressure
  • Available For Alcohol
  • Made in U.S.A.