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SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect UNIVERSAL

Brand: SONAX | Category: Car Care / Detailing
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230200 Wheel Cleaner Full Effect
Size 1/2 Liter
230500 Wheel Cleaner Full Effect
5 Liter Refill Jug
Size 5 Liters

Product Description

SONAX Wheel Cleaner full effect is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced rim and wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels, including aluminum and alloys. This formulation is also effective and safe for use on painted wheels and will not deteriorate clear coats.

Product Attributes:

  • Acid-free and pH balanced, Environmentally-friendly formulation
  • Sprays on as Green fluorescent foam, turns Red as dirt & grime is penetrated
  • Safe for use on wheels: aluminum and alloys; painted, anodized and clear coated
  • Refills Available

Available in single or case quantities. 6 bottles per case.

Product Size: 500ml