66501 - Painless Performance PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller

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Part #: 66501
Notes: PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller
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Product Description

The PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller System is the most reliable, well designed, vibration resistant, economical and simple to program transmission control system on the market. It was designed for ease of installation, even with little or no electrical or programming experience.

PERFECT TORC Transmission Controller features:
* User Friendly Software w/ USB Cable Included
 * Compatible with all current versions of Windows.
* Simple “Initial Setup Wizard”
 * Base Calibrations for each Transmission Type
 * Two Separate Shift Tables
 * A digital display on the controller to allow for on-board diagnostics and basic tuning.
 * Supports paddle shifting or simple push button shifting.
 * Ultra simple method to calibrate signal for aftermarket speedometers to be accurate.
 * The harness included in this kit is made with our 600 volt, 257°F, TXL abrasion resistant wire and is covered in our Power Braid abrasion and heat resistant wire loom.

This stand-alone electronic transmission controller will run your four speed automatic overdrive GM transmissions.

These include the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E and 4L85E GM transmissions. It can be installed with carbureted engines, fuel injected engines and diesel engines. The systems control of the transmissions shift points, shift firmness and shift quality are all based off of two basic inputs: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). These are two very simple to obtain signals on almost all project vehicles built today.

The included User-Friendly Software has an “Initial Setup Wizard” to walk you through and simplify the most important key elements to achieve a nicely shifting transmission. Once the correct information has been entered into the initial setup wizard and the calibration has been written to the controller your transmission will have a good base calibration to allow you to go for your first drive.