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Nitrous Express Fuel Pump UNIVERSAL

Brand: Nitrous Express | Category: Fuel Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
15003 SAFE (Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment System)
Low Pressure, Adjustable
15004 SAFE (Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment System)
15005 Stand Alone Fuel Pump
15074 Surge Tank
w/ Dual 340LPH Fuel Pumps
15077 Inline Fuel Pump
700HP, High Pressure
15078 Inline Fuel Pump
500HP, High Pressure
15083 Stand Alone Fuel Tank
Without Pump
15950 Black Style Fuel Pump, 14 Psi
15953 Black Style Fuel Pump & Non Bypass Regulator Combo

Product Description

SAFE Fuel Pump
The Nitrous Express SAFE (Stand Alone Fuel Enrichment) tank improves the performance of any nitrous system. The SAFE system includes a one gallon, high strength, composite fuel cell that can be mounted in most factory battery trays without modification. This version of the SAFE System is a great choice for those wanting to use their own external fuel pump and regulator.

Inline Fuel Pump
This high output in-line fuel pump flows like a race pump but is durable enough to run for extended periods on the street. High quality internal components ensure long life, low vibration, quiet operation and low amp draw. Includes stainless mounting brackets. This pump will support up to 900 hp at 5 psi and up to 700 hp at 45 psi. Must be used with a bypass style regulator.

Standard Motorcycle Fuel Pump
This is the standard fuel pump we include in all our wet kits. Draws a maximum of 2 amps. Solid state electronics, works with gasoline or methanol. 6 psi 35 GPH. Good for up to at least 150 hp.

NX Black Fuel Pump
This package includes a NX Black style fuel pump. The fuel pump will support up to 600 HP on Gasoline. This is a great choice for carbureted applications as well as dedicated nitrous fuel systems.