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Mr Gasket Head Gasket

Brand: Mr Gasket | Category: Gaskets

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Product Description

With the ever-increasing technology in performance and racing engine designs–supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous oxide and extreme compression ratios–a demand was created for stronger, more durable engine gaskets. Mr. Gasket, the original High Performance Gasket manufacturer, has met the challenge and developed performance gaskets in a variety of materials to meet the sealing demands of these engines. Mr. Gasket engine gaskets are some of the most advanced, tested and proven products in the performance market today and have earned the confidence of both professional and sportsman racers.


  • Manufactured from “Dead Soft” copper material.
  • Provides excellent sealing and durability.
  • Conforms to and seals minor surface irregularities.
  • For high performance street, drag race, oval track and turbo-charged (extreme heat) applications.

Steel Shim

  • Manufactured from .020˝ steel shim stock.
  • Thinner than OE head gaskets-increases engine compression.
  • Stress formed embossments seal extreme cylinder pressures.
  • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use.


  • Five layer (graphite core/perforated steel outer layers) composite construction.
  • Graphite core has excellent thermo-conductivity-transfers heat away from hot spots in head preventing gasket burn-out.
  • Provides excellent stability, compressibility and high temperature endurance.
  • Coated with high temperature silicone to ensure sealing of engine fluids.
  • Will not brinell (indent) aluminum cylinder heads.
  • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use.

MLS (Multi-Layered Steel)

  • Manufactured from premium grade stainless steel and state of the art laser cutting.
  • Optimized sealing embossments seals extreme cylinder pressure.
  • Provides excellent stability and reduces cylinder bore distortion.
  • Proprietary polymer coating ensures the micro seal of engine coolant and oil fluids.
  • Ideal for supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous oxide and extreme compression ratio engines.
  • For high-performance street, drag race and oval track use.