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Mr Gasket Coolant Flex-Braid Hose Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: Mr Gasket | Category: Radiator Hoses
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
9744 Heater Hose Fittings
Size 5/8in ID Hose, 1-3/4in Long, 1/2in Pipe Thread
8090 Flex-Braid Hose Sleeve Kit
Color Red
8091 Flex-Braid Hose Sleeve Kit
Color Blue
8092 Flex-Braid Hose Sleeve Kit
Color Silver

Product Description

The Flex-Braid Hose Sleeving Kit is the answer to protecting your engine hoses for added reliability. This kit provides an affordable alternative to stainless steel, and will give your car that authentic “race” look. Designed for easy “slip-on” installation, each kit contains enough braided metal sleeving in various sizes to cover the upper radiator hose, heater hoses, fuel and vacuum hoses. Kits are complete with anodized aluminum hose clamp cover in red to give the installation a professional finished appearance.