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Motul Fork Oil - Expert UNIVERSAL

Brand: Motul | Category: Lubricants
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105929 Fork Oil, Expert
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
Weight 5W
105930 Fork Oil, Expert
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
Weight 10W
105931 Fork Oil, Expert
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
Weight 15W50

Product Description

Motul Fork Oil Expert is Technosynthese (semi-synthetic), hydraulic fluids for any type of telescopic Forks. Four viscosities: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy.

Contains an ANTI-FRICTION additive specially developed by Motul, making easier sliding, avoiding drag in the fork.
Stable absorbing in an extended range of temperature, thanks to the base stocks.
Protection of seals : excellent oil / elastomer compatibility.
Anti wear, anti corrosion, anti foaming.

Motul Fork Oil Expert can be mixed to obtain the required absorbing.
Use the exact quantity recommended by the fork manufacturer.