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Moroso Valvetrain Equipment UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Valvetrain
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
67100 U-Bolts
For 67040 & 67045
Pack of 4
67110 Adjusting Nuts (non set-screw type)
For 67040
Pack of 4
Size 3/8"
67150 Hex Head Adjusting Nuts
Fits 3/8" Rocker Studs
For 67040 & 67205
Pack of 4
67160 Hex Head Adjusting Nuts
Fits 7/16" Rocker Studs
For 67045 & 67205
Also Fits 67295 (Exhaust only)
Pack of 4
67300 U-Bolt Assembly
For 67250
Pack of 4
67320 Slotted Head Adjusting Nuts
For 67250 on exhaust studs
Pack of 4
62373 Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressor Conversion Kit
Contains all parts necessary to convert P/N 62371 to fit Jesel Rocker Shaft assemblies
62371 Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressor
Heavy Duty

Product Description

Moroso Stud Girdles provide high-RPM valvetrain stability for stud-mounted rockers—an absolute must with today’s high lift cams and high pressure valve springs! They’re designed to eliminate rocker stud flexing and the power loss that goes along with it. In fact, dyno tests have shown a 7 to 22 horsepower gain.

Moroso Single Bar Stud Girdles feature a sturdy aluminum bar and special heat treated U-bolts to reinforce the rocker stud and provide a positive way to lock the valve lash adjusting nuts. Includes all adjusting nuts and hardware.

  • Available for use with 3/8” and 7/16” studs; must be used with Moroso Fabricated AluminumValve Covers Nos. 68025 and 68026
  • Provides high-RPM valvetrain stability for stud-mounted rockers
  • Sturdy aluminum bar prevents rocker studs from flexing to improve horsepower gain and to prevent stud breakage on high revving engines with high lift cams and high pressure springs
  • Special heat treated U-bolts provide a positive way to lock the valve lash adjusting nuts; includes all adjusting nuts and hardware

Moroso Double Bar Stud Girdles provide even more holding power and reinforcement for applications using extremely high-pressure valve springs.When used with Moroso Hex Head Adjusting Nuts, valve adjustments on Small and Big Block Chevy versions can be made with a single 9/16” wrench and requires loosening only one bolt to adjust one pair of rocker arms.


  • For use with Moroso Stud Girdles
  • Hex head design allows easier valve adjustments with a set screw providing a positive lock
  • Fits either stock or roller rockers
  • Four per pack


  • Prevents the valve springs from galling an aluminum head due to movement
  • Heat treated steel, 1.800” O.D. with .200” side flange height and .570” valve guide hole
  • Black Oxide Plated
  • 16 per package


  • Redirects oil from pushrod to fulcrum balls, rockers and springs to provide maximum lubrication and cooling
  • Extends life of stock valvetrain assembly
  • Helps eliminate excessive oil accumulation in breather tank when vacuum pump is used
  • Manufactured from lightweight .100” aluminum
  • Mounts easily to stock rocker arm studs
  • Designed by Bill Mitchell
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Can be easily adapted to many other applications