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Moroso Rear Axle Equipment UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Differentials


84750 Drag Race Shim Kit
Contains housing gasket, pinion shaft seal & nine pinion support shims
For Ford 9" Rear End
84751 Oval Track Shim Kit
Contains nine pinion retainer shims
For Ford 9" Rear End
85080 U-Bolts
Dana 60 or Ford 9" w/ 1350 series yoke
85090 Rear Axle Spring Perches
2-1/2" Wide
85280 Universal Filler Cap Kit
Steel Bung
OD 1.5"
Size 1-1/4" -12UNF Threads
85282 Universal Filler Cap Kit
Aluminum Bung
OD 1.5"
Size 1-1/4" -12UNF Threads
85283 Universal Filler Cap Kit
Aluminum Bung
Black Anodized w/ logo
OD 2.6"
Size 1-3/8" -12UNF Threads
85330 Rear End Cover
Chevy 12-bolt
Color Chrome Plated
Material Steel
85800 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-1/6" dia cap & 1.415" bolt centers
For 1955-82 Chevy w/ U-Bolts or Dana 60
Color Gold Anodized
85810 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-1/6" dia cap & 1.595" bolt centers
For 1965-82 GM 12-Bolt w/ Straps
Color Red Anodized
85820 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-1/8" dia cap & 1.540" bolt centers
For Dana 60 w/ Straps
Fits Chrysler 8-3/4" Ring Gear w/ Large Yoke (Type 7290 driveshaft)
Color Dark Blue Anodized
85830 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-3/16" dia cap & 1.668" bolt centers
For 1350 Series Race Yokes
Color Black Anodized
85850 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-1/16" dia cap & 1.505" bolt centers
For Chrysler 8-3/4" ring gear
w/ small yoke (Type 7260 driveshaft)
Color Silver Anodized
85860 U-Joint Girdle
Use w/ 1-1/8" dia cap & 1.575" bolt centers
For Ford 9" Rear End
Color Light Blue Anodized
62026 Driveshaft Coupler Wrench
85091 Rear Axle Spring Perches
3-1/4" Wide
85092 Rear Axle Spring Perches
3" Wide
85284 Universal Filler Cap Kit
Steel Bung
OD 1.5"
Size 1-1/4" -12UNF Threads

Product Description

The Strongest Clutch-Type Traction Differential Available!

  • Legal for all drag race associations
  • The thicker, webbed flange on the reinforced case reduces ring gear deflection, prolonging ring and pinion life
  • Spider gears are forged from H-11 aircraft steel bar stock making them 50% stronger than Chevrolet “service package” gears
  • Twenty-two friction discs (stock units have only 18 discs) improve bias ratio (torque split) by over 100%; heavy shock loads are more evenly distributed to the side gears for greater durability
  • Extra-thick heat-treated spring plates and special chrome silicon springs yield over 800 lbs. of preload on the disc packs to insure an even bias ratio to the rear wheels for maximum traction
  • Designed for 4.10 through 6.14 ratios (4-series)
  • Stock-type axles are retained with original “C” clips; spacers or costly installation kits are not required
  • Use only Moroso Climbing Gear Lube Nos. 34800 or 34801 with a bottle of Ford or GM Friction Modifier Additive


  • Kits include hard-to-find items needed to assemble Ford 9” center sections


  • Manufactured from high strength alloy steel, exceeds Grade 8 specs, black oxide coating


  • Moroso has an agreement with Dana Corporation to market hard-to-get replacement parts for the Dana 60, a popular rear axle in the Competition Eliminator and Super Stock classes.


  • Unique design provides more bearing surface for the universal joint bearing cap, for increased strength
  • Manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminum with anodized finish
  • Comes complete with fasteners
  • One set per package


  • Available in either lightweight gold anodized aluminum or hand polished chromeplated steel
  • Each cover includes a gasket and matching gold iridite or chrome fasteners


  • Cap Kit No. 85280 and No. 85282 are knurled for easy grip removal and replacement
  • Cap Kit No. 85283 is designed with larger, contoured grip for easy removal and installation
  • These universal kits, available with steel or 6061-T6 aluminum bung, can be used on power steering tanks, radiator overflow tanks, valve covers, rear ends, filler neck plates, and other locations to replenish fluid, or serve as an inspection port
  • Bungs can be welded to any suitable tank or plate
  • Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes O-Rings for leak-free sealing


  • Precision stamped for easy weld-on installation
  • Two per package