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Moroso Oil Pump - External UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Oil Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
22596 External Oil Pump
Passenger Side Ford mount
1.100Ó pressure section
Adapter 23491 (SBC) or 23493 (BBC) must be used
22600 External Oil Pump
Drivers Side Chevrolet mount
.875Ó pressure section
22361 External Oil Pump
Single Stage
Fuel Pump Drive
Left Side Bracket
1.200 Pressure Section
22652 External Oil Pump
Single Stage, Tri-Lobe, Vaccum Pump
SBC Left Side Bracket

Product Description

If you’re serious about building the ultimate wet sump system, Moroso Racing Oil Pumps are the only way to go! The nation’s top engine builders rely on Moroso Oil Pumps because of their superior design and ability to provide a smooth and consistent flow of oil at higher engine speeds.

You can’t beat a Moroso Oil Pump for precision! These pumps are manufactured using a proprietary casting process that offers superior durability and reliability characteristics. The pump body and cover assembly are manufactured to exact design specifications. Gear and inner rotor shaft assemblies are matched to maintain absolute minimum clearances and provide maximum volumetric efficiency. And each and every Moroso Racing Oil Pump is 100% pressure tested to stringent quality control specifications.

The Moroso Single Stage, Reverse Rotation External Pump for Honda motors features:

  • Same rotor and scroll (Gerotor) design as Moroso’s famous 3, 4, 4 and one- half, and 5 Stage Dry Sump Pumps
  • Eliminates stock oil pump failures
  • Includes pressure section specifically sized for Honda applications
  • External pressure adjustment allows a plus or minus 30 psi range from factory setting of 60 psi