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Moroso Oil Accumulator UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Oil Filters


23675 Accumulator Adapter
Size 3/4-16 thread & 2-5/8" ORing
23676 Accumulator Adapter
Size 13/16 thread & 2-5/8" ORing
23677 Accumulator Adapter
Size 18mm -1.5 thread & 2-5/8" ORing
23678 Accumulator Adapter
Size 20mm-1.5 thread & 2-5/8" ORing
23679 Accumulator Adapter
Size 22mm-1.5 thread & 2-5/8" ORing
23875 Check Valve, One Way
23900 Oil Accumulator
Capacity 3 Quart
Size 20-1/8" x 4-1/4"
23901 Oil Accumulator
Capacity 1.5 Quart
Size 10" x 4-1/4"
23902 Oil Accumulator
Heavy Duty
Capacity 3 Quart
Size 23" x 4-3/4"
23903 Oil Accumulator
Heavy Duty
Capacity 1.5 Quarts
Size 12" X 4-1/4"
23907 Accumulator Solenoid Valve
Electronic Pressure Control
15-24 PSI discharge & refill
23908 Accumulator Solenoid Valve
Electronic Pressure Control
35-40 PSI discharge & refill
23920 Accumulator Mount
For 23900 & 23901
23921 Accumulator Mount
Heavy Duty
For 23902
97530 Orings
For Moroso Accumulator 23902
Pack of 4

Product Description

Moroso Oil Accumulators store oil under pressure, providing an instantaneous supply and automatically releasing it to the main galleries when oil pressure drops below a safe level. The Accumulator is tapped to the pressure side of the engine’s oiling system. When the engine is running, oil pressure forces reserve oil into the accumulator and compresses the air ahead.

If oil pressure should suddenly drop because of hard acceleration, severe cornering or hard braking, the air pressure immediately sends oil to the main galleries. When the danger is over and the pump is once again primed with oil, the oil pressure forces oil back into the Accumulator where it is ready for the next emergency.

Our professional series Accumulator, designed for all-out competition, is now available with a 3 or 1.5-quart capacity. The 1.5-quart version is perfect for Sport Compacts and other vehicles with 4 and 6-cylinder engines. Moroso’s Accumulator 2 (No. 23930) is intended for street performance and mild off-road applications, and features a 1.5-quart capacity. Moroso Accumulators can also be used to manually pre-lube engines before starting to prevent cold-start scuffing and premature bearing wear.


  • Protects Against Oil Pressure Loss!
  • Automatic Operation!


  • Highly recommended for light-duty applications including small-displacement street performance and mild off-road vehicles
  • Works on same principle as Accumulators Nos. 23900, 23901 & 23902 but uses gravity feed
  • Because it has no free-floating piston, it must be mounted in vertical position
  • Comes complete with adjustable T-Bolt style mounting brackets
  • Not recommended for all-out competition. Accumulators Nos. 23900, 23901 & 23902 are recommended for racing applications


  • Brackets provide safe, sure mount for Moroso Accumulators
  • Designed to be easily fastened to any flat surface
  • Includes T-Bolt type clamps accepted by NHRA