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Moroso Louvered Windage Tray UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Oil Pans
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22912 Uni-Directional Windage Tray Screen
Size 23" x 16"
23143 Louvered Windage Tray
Replacement for Moroso 20043
23145 Louvered Windage Tray
Replacement for Moroso 20045

Product Description

There’s functional, and then there genius.

The Moroso Louvered Windage Tray is a bit of both and features:

  • Simple bolt-on installation enhances oil control and performance of stock pans
  • Louvered design directs oil into pickup area to prevent starvation, while also preventing sump oil from splashing back onto rotating crank and rod assembly
  • Increases horsepower by allowing the crank and rods to rotate without the burden of “forcing” their way through excess oil
  • Built-in static slosh baffle helps to move oil into the pickup area by keeping it from running up rear of engine (#4 rotating assembly)
  • Steel construction for strength; black zinc finish for corrosion resistance
  • Mounts directly to front and rear main caps
  • Includes notches to accept most stroke combinations; works with both standard and high-volume oil pumps