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MOMO Racing Seat - Supercup UNIVERSAL

Brand: MOMO | Category: Seats
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1072BLK Supercup XL Racing Seat
1071BLK Supercup Racing Seat

Product Description

The MOMO Supercup is a Hans® compatible fiberglass seat. Seat shell visible on the rear, front portion upholstered in black fabric. The exclusive Airnet® technical material covers the central area on the back, and Kinder Point on the seating area provides the best possible grip.
Removable double leg cushion to optimize support.

Additional Information

  • 5 Seat Belt Openings
  • Side Mount
  • Color: Black
  • Weight standard version: 8.7 kgs
  • Weight XL version: 10.2 kgs
  • FIA approved 8855-1999 and Hans® compatible.