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MiataRoadster Phenolic intake manifold insulator kits MAZDA

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Product Description

As used on all of MiataRoadster’s sponsored race cars, our exclusive Phenolic intake manifold insulator kit prevents the heat of the combustion chambers in the head from radiating into the intake manifold, raising the temperature of the intake charge, and in turn, reducing combustion efficiency.

Reasons why our kit is superior to other kits on the market:
• our insulator is match-ported to the stock gasket
• our insulator is .25” thick compared to the .125” thin material used by others
• unlike the plain soft plastic used by others, our insulator is made of laminated linen Phenolic, the ideal high-tech material for blockage of heat transfer

• (1) .25” thick Phenolic insulator
• (9) .25” thick Phenolic washers that block heat from transferring through the studs and nuts into the intake manifold flange
• (9) ARP broached end Stainless Steel M8 × 1.25 × 57mm studs – because of the added .50” thickness of the .25” Phenolic insulator and .25” Phenolic washers, the stock studs aren’t long enough to securely mount the nuts, so these longer studs are required (use the “double-nut” method or a stud removal tool to remove the stock studs
• (9) M8 × 1.25 Copper-plated steel non-serrated flanged crimped lock nuts
• (2) genuine Mazda gaskets to properly seal both sides of the insulator
• (1) M8 × 1.25 tap to chase threads in head before replacing studs with new ones
• 1994-2005 kits include MiataRoadster EGR valve delete intake manifold block off plate kit – unlike the thin plastic “insulators” made by other brands, the MiataRoadster .25” thick Phenolic insulator offsets the intake manifold such that the EGR cross pipe from the exhaust manifold no longer reaches the intake manifold mounting point and must be deleted.

Note: MiataRoadster Stainless Steel caps and plugs for the EGR cross-pipe port on the exhaust manifold on 1994-2005 Miatas are available separately here.