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MiataRoadster rack depowering plug kits MAZDA

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Product Description

The MiataRoadster rack depowering plug kit includes six plugs that are CNC-milled from billet aluminum.

Why would you want to delete your power steering?

Miata power steering racks are 2.8 turns lock-to-lock and the manual racks are 3.3 turns. By our math, that means the power racks are 15% “quicker.”

Many racers prefer the more direct road feedback at the steering wheel experienced with manual racks, but the slower ratio necessitates more “elbow grease” when navigating twisties.

As a compromise for comfort when cruising on highways, power steering racks are intentionally designed to provide “numb” feedback when in the center position. The down side is that lack of feedback can lower driver confidence at high speeds.

Thus, for optimum steering feedback as well as a quicker ratio, many believe the best setup for aggressive driving is a “depowered” power steering rack.

MiataRoadster’s plug kit securely seals the rack internals from the elements after the power steering pump, reservoir, and associated plumbing have been removed and the fluid in the system has been drained.

To perform a complete rack depowering job, you’ll need to remove the rack from the car and modify the internal seals. We recommend following the detailed instructions documented by our friends at Flyin’ Miata.

A safety note: if you do remove the rack from the car, be sure to get a professional alignment done ASAP.