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Maruha Motors brake pistons MAZDA

Brand: Maruha Motors | Category: Brake Accessories

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Product Description

Miatas have been loved by numerous owners around the world since 1989, when the car was launched. NA models including the first model NA6CE have been driven for more than 10 years since they were produced and the owners often need to replace the accessories such as convertible tops, radiator parts and suspension bushes in order to maintain the car performance.

Maruha front caliper pistons are a product designed for overhauls. There are many requests for us to replace caliper pistons with new ones, however, when we check the brake devices, it is often found that the pistons are covered with rust. Once rusted, the piston is easy to have corrosion again even if it is removed with fine sandpaper.

Caliper pistons for the NA8C have slight rust on the surface of the piston. Furthermore, after rust proceeding inside the piston body is wiped out, the piston surface becomes uneven causing trouble. Poor brake performance is brought by a piston in operation with the rough surface to leak the brake fluid by damaging the oil sealing.

Unfortunately, Miata lovers cannot replace a single genuine caliper piston with a new one.
Mazda sells only the caliper assemblies, that is, the caliper piston is not sold individually.
Miata owners must have many expenses, besides moving the other parts still used in order to change only the caliper pistons.

Maruha front caliper piston is individually available for Miata owners to change your pistons without any trouble, so you do not have to keep using rust covered pistons to avoid expenses. Maruha’s piston have a long life and a reasonable cost. They will fulfill your needs with its excellent quality equal to the Miata’s genuine one.

We offer only the front caliper piston because the front pistons tend to be more corroded farther than the rears. Our product is suitable for all NA models, which are the first generation of Miata. There is a rumor that the genuine caliper for NA8C has a larger capacity than for NA6CE, but in fact, both of them are in the same dimensions.
Therefore, it is possible to install Maruha Front Caliper Piston into NA8C and NA6CE models.

For more information including the support for NB models, please feel free to contact us. You do not need any longer to keep corroded pistons in use with flood of frustration. Maruha front caliper piston provides you with smooth driving and braking.