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Ksport Coilover Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Ksport | Category: Coilover Systems


HS00001 Helper Spring Set
Length 50mm
Spring Rate 1.6kg/mm
RPDB001 Dust Boot
Diameter 12.6mm
RPDB002 Dust Boot
Diameter 20.6mm
RPDK001 Dampening Knob
RPLM001 Lower Mount
Kontrol Pro
RPLM002 Lower Mount
RPPL001 Spring Perch Lock
Diameter 50mm
RPPL002 Spring Perch Lock
Diameter 52mm
RPSB001 Steel Spring Bushing
RPSB002 Rubber Spring Bushing
RPSP001 Spring Perch
Diameter 48mm
RPSP002 Spring Perch
Diameter 53mm
RPTB001 Top Mount Studs
Diameter M8
RPTI001 Top Mount Bushing Insert
RPTM001 Top Mount
Non Pillowball
RPTN001 Top Nut
Diameter 8mm
RPTN002 Top Nut
Diameter 11mm
RPTW001 Top Mount Bushing Washer
Diameter 11.9mm
RPTW002 Top Mount Bushing Washer
Diameter 9.9mm
RPUS001 Upper Spring Hat
RPWR001 Spanner Wrench Pair
RPAK020 Flexible Dampening Knob
Diameter 300mm
RPAK010 Flexible Dampening Knob
Diameter 250mm
RPAK030 Flexible Dampening Knob
Diameter 350mm
RPSHDR Replacement Shock
Version DR
RPSHAR Replacement Shock
Asphalt Rally
RPSHINV Replacement Shock
Inverted - Any Type
RPSHKP Replacement Shock
Kontrol Pro
RPSHCP Replacement Shock
Circuit Pro
RPSHRR Replacement Shock
Version RR
RPSL001 Steel Lower Mount Locking Collar
Diameter 48mm
RPSW001 Steel Lower Mount Washer
RPSHGR Replacement Shock
Gravel Rally
RPSHSK Replacement Shock
Slide Kontrol
RPSL002 Steel Lower Mount Locking Collar
Diameter 53mm
RPMPB001 GT/RR/AR/SK/DR Pillow Ball
Not Including Top Mount
RPPBGR Gravel Rally Pillow Ball
Not Including Top Mount
RPPBV3 Kontrol Pro Pillow Ball
Not Including Top Mount
RPTS001 Top Mount Studs
Size M8
RPTS002 Top Mount Studs
Size M10
RPPL003 Spring Perch Lock
For GT Pro Inverted
Diameter 55mm

Product Description

Do you need replacement parts for any of your Ksport Coilovers? Sometimes you loose something, or need a backup part or two at the track. Here are a few popular replacement parts.

Coilover Wrench
These high quality wrenches are necessary to adjust height and spring tension in Ksport coilover systems. Sold in pairs.

Dampening Adjustment Knob
Necessary to adjust dampening in Ksport coilover systems. Available in several lengths for various applictions. Please specify when ordering.

Dust Boot
Replacement Dust Boot for Ksport coilovers

Helper Spring Set
Ksport helper spring sets are used to give you a more progressive feel and keep the main spring snug under full stroke extension. Necessary for some applications.

Lower Mount
Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel, which means you adjust height without losing suspension travel. Made of 6061 billet aluminum the mount is lightweight, durable, and rust resistant.

Lower Mount Locking Cup
Replacement lower mount locking cup for Ksport coilovers

Replacement Strut
Replacement strut for Ksport coilover systems

Spring Perch
Secures spring in place for maximum stability and made from high quality 6061 aluminum and lightweight, durable, and rust resistant.

Top Mount (Non-Pillowball)
Replacement aluminum top mount made of 6061 high quality aluminum

Top Mount Bushing/Insert/Washer/Studs
Replacements for multi-link applications

Top Nut
Top locking nut for Ksport coilover

Upper Spring Hat
Replacement upper spring hat for mcphearson applications