3857 - Innovate Analog Gauges - MTX Series

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Part #: 3857
Notes: MTX Analog Gauge
20 PSI Vacuum/Boost Gauge Kit
Your Price: $225.57


Display Range -25 inHG to 20 PSI
Gauge Face Color Black

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
3855 $266.77 Notes MTX-AL Analog Gauge
Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit w/O2
Display Range 8 AFR to 18 AFR
Gauge Face Color Black
3859 $246.17 Notes MTX Analog Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge Kit
Display Range 0-120 PSI
Gauge Face Color Black
3861 $215.27 Notes MTX Analog Gauge
Fluid Temp (Oil/Water) Gauge Kit
Display Range 120-280deg F
Gauge Face Color Black
3863 $246.17 Notes MTX Analog Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit
Display Range 0-100 PSI
Gauge Face Color Black
3865 $256.47 Notes MTX Analog Gauge
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge Kit
Display Range 32 - 1800deg F
Gauge Face Color Black
3908 $225.57 Notes MTX Analog Gauge
Vacuum/Boost Gauge Kit
Display Range -25 inHG to 30 PSI
Gauge Face Color Black

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Product Description

The Innovate Motorsports MTX-A Analog Series gauges are now available!

The MTX Series gauges feature:

  • Superior needle holding force for high shock and high vibration applications
  • High Performance, High Torque, 270° Stepper Motor
  • Programmable warning indicator (not available on MTX-AL)
  • Microprocessor driven!
  • Interchangeable bezels: Black and silver bezel included
  • Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with other Innovate & 3rd party MTS enabled devices to add additional logging channels)