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I.L. Motorsport coolant reroute kits MAZDA

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 1989 - 1993 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL 1.6L
Click For More Info 1994 - 2005 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL 1.*L

Product Description

I.L. Motorsport coolant reroute kits use a front-in/rear-out concept. The engine is more efficiently cooled and will operate at a more constant temperature, reducing the wear on the engine internals. Even in high-load situations the temperature stays stable. The engine management receives consistent temperatures resulting in a more accurate air/fuel mixture which is important for forced induction engines.

The reroute kit will optimize cooling capabilities of the radiator and reduce the risk of engine knock and detonation and provide optimal power output. The kit will also reduce alternator load because the fans will not run as often as they are doing without a reroute kit. The kit has the same sensor locations as the stock cooling system, so there’s no need for soldering or modifying the wiring harness.


  • Aluminum adapter for rear of the engine
  • Aluminum cover for the adapter
  • Aluminum cover for the front thermostat housing
  • Aluminum bracket for the supplied heater hose
  • High-quality Silicone heater hose
  • Fasteners, hose clamps, gaskets, etc.