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Holley Fuel Pump - Universal In-Line UNIVERSAL

Brand: Holley | Category: Fuel Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
557-107 Water/Methanol Injection Filter
26-160 -6 Fitting
For 12-920 Pump
557-106 Water/Methanol Injection Solenoid/Nozzle
Size 1000cc
557-100 Water/Methanol Injection Pump
557-101 Water/Methanol Injection Installation Kit
554-115 Water/Methanol Driver Module
12-920 480LPH Universal In-Line Fuel Pump
Street/Strip EFI Applications
Compatible with Gasoline only
26-180 -8 Fitting
For 12-920 Pump

Product Description

The Holley Universal In-Line Fuel Pump is intended for Throttle Body EFI systems. It is designed to work in-line, not inside the tank, so installation is a snap. Holley Universal In-Line Fuel Pumps are rated for continuous duty service and have been tested up to 2,500 hours.