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Holley EFI Harness Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: Holley | Category: Wiring Harnesses
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
558-500 Harness Kit
Bosch/Jetronic Injector
558-501 Harness Kit
USCAR Injector
558-502 Harness Kit
Bosch/Jetronic Injector
558-503 Harness Kit
558-504 Harness Kit
Universal V8 MPFI
558-505 Harness Kit
Ford Modular 2V
558-506 Harness Kit
Ford Modular 4V
558-508 Harness Kit
Universal Ford V-8

Product Description

Take control of your engine with Holley EFI plug and play Harness kits.

Tired of jumping through hoops and having to play tricks with the factory ECU? Welcome to the better way. Is your cam too wild for a MAF? No problem.

Power adders? Bring ‘em on. We’ve got integral nitrous and boost control. Ready to rock and roll with the awesome new Coyote, Modular or LS? We’ve got what you need with plug and play kits. It has never been easier to make your engine swap do exactly what you want. Just add an ECU and WB02 sensor to make these a complete EFI System.

Holley now offers complete plug and play harness kits for our most popular engine swaps!


  • Can be used with HP ECU or Dominator ECU
  • Plug and play kits
  • Available in various applications for various engines swap platforms
  • Harness kits include the following: Application specific main engine harness, Injector harness and ignition harness (where required) along with an ECU power harness. Ford Modular and Coyote kits also include coil drivers for OEM coils.