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HKS Suspension Components UNIVERSAL

Brand: HKS | Category: Coilover Systems


1799-SA009 Damper Wrench Set
1799-SA025 Damper Adjusting Dial, Single Piece
82003-AK011 HIPERMAX Coilover Overhaul Service, Non-Durable Parts Replacement, Normal & Inverted Type
1799-SA035 Inverted Type Dial Set, Screw & Hex Wrench Included
Color Gold
82003-AK009 HIPERMAX Coilover Overhaul Service, Disassembly/Reassembly, Normal Type
82004-AK003 Damper Hook Wrench, For Inverted Type
82004-AK004 Spherical Bearing Type1, For Inverted Adjustable Type, Round Shape, 2 Piece Set
82004-AK002 Helper Spring Set
Size 65mm
Spring Rate 19.8N/mm(2.0kgf/mm)
1799-SA021 Damper Adjusting Cable Set
Length 70mm
82004-AK023 Damping Force Adjustment Dial, Screw & Hex Wrench Included
1790-HD015 Pillowball Upper Mount

Product Description

Adjustment tools for precise and quick adjustments to you HKS Coilover Systems.

  • Spring Perch Height Adjustment Wrench Set
  • Shock Stiffness Adjustment Dial