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M100 Machine Sprint Car Flange
A100 Machine Keyway for Blower
For Second 3/16” Keyway
A110 Machine Keyway for Blower
For Second 1/4” Keyway
AR100 ESP Armor Finishing
For Crankshaft
AR500 ESP Armor Finishing
For 4Cyl Rod Set
AR502 ESP Armor Finishing
For 6Cyl Rod Set
AR504 ESP Armor Finishing
For 8Cyl Rod Set
AR750 ESP Armor Finishing
For Rotating Assembly
B10 Balancing
B15 Balancing
For LS1
B20 Balancing
B30 Balancing
B31 Balancing
B40 Balancing
B49 Balancing
For Ford 4.6
B65 Balancing
For Big Block Ford
B80 Balancing
For Chry BB
B85 Balancing
For Chry SB
B90 Balancing
For Honda Assembly
B91 Balancing
For Mitsubishi Assembly
M110 Machine Flywheel Flange Round
M2 Machine Pilot Bushing Hole
P100 Pendulum Undercutting

Product Description

Most any crankshaft or assembly can be balanced by our expert machinists on our Hines computer Balancers.

ESP Armor
ESP Armor is a revolutionary new surface finishing process that is available only through Eagle. Similar processes exist, but ESP armor is unique because it is NOT A COATING, nor is it a chemical etching process. ESP Armor is a unique surface finishing process that results in an incredibly slick surface. This has many benefits. First and foremost is reduce bearing friction. By giving the oil a slicker surface to slide along, the bearing friction is reduced. This will also be evident in slower oil heating, reduced windage losses, and improved corrosion resistance.
You will also notice that your bearings will live longer as a result of ESP Armor. The finish is unmistakable. Although it resembles chrome, it is not a coating that might flake off or wear out. Eagle is so confident in the effects ESP Armor has on our rods and cranks that we include a ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against breakage when ESP Armor is used on any 4340 steel crankshaft or Hbeam rod. Many customers have tried it and all have been not only pleased, but surprised by the results. You’ve got to see it, and use it, to believe it!

Pendulum Undercutting
Most any crankshaft can have the counterweights pendulum undercut. This process reduces weight by removing material in low-stress locations so the effect on strength is minimal. These areas are difficult to reach and require specialized CNC equipment and tooling. Typical weight reductions are from 2-6 pounds depending on the original design of the crankshaft.

Second Keyway for Blower
Due to the added shearing forces a blower pulley puts on the crankshaft key, a second keyway machined 180 degrees from the original keyway is a popular option. Available on most crankshafts, this is a great way to help reduce key breakages on blower applications.

Machine Flywheel Flange Round
A typical rear flywheel flange cannot be used in a sprint car application due to the unique drive system. Eagle can machine the rear flywheel flange round for use in spint cars. This, of course, should be done before balancing.