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DEI Promotional Products UNIVERSAL

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010150 Hi Performance Plan-O-Gram inAin
010151 Hi Performance Plan-O-Gram inBin
010152 Sport Compact Plan-O-Gram
010154 Motorcycle Plan-O-Gram
030100 LED Liteft N Boltz Plan-O-Gram
060100 Speed Tape Point of Purchase Display
Color 2 Of Each
Quantity 18 Rolls
070100 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size Small
070101 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size Medium
070102 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size Large
070103 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size XLarge
070104 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size XXLarge
070110 CryO2 T-Shirt
Size Small
070111 CryO2 T-Shirt
Size Medium
070112 CryO2 T-Shirt
Size Large
070113 CryO2 T-Shirt
Size XLarge
070114 CryO2 T-Shirt
Size XXLarge
070202 Sunglasses
Flame Red
Frame Black
070300 CryO2 Hat
Color Black
010155 15-Part Number Plan-O-Gram
060500 DEI Banner
Size 48in x 24in
060501 DEI Banner - Full Color
Size 48in x 24in
060521 DEI Contingency Decal
Size 3.4in x 10in
060522 CryO2 Contingency Decal
Size 3in x 9in
060600 Product Display Board
Exhaust & Accessories
060601 Product Display Board
Heat & Sound Barrier
060602 Product Display Board
Line & Hose Protection
060603 Product Display Board
Boom Mat Thermal Acoustic Control
070131 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size Medium
060526 Boom Mat Contingency Decal
070132 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size Large
070134 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size XXLarge
060504 Boom Mat Banner
Size 48in x 24in
070105 DEI Flame T-Shirt
Size XXXLarge
070133 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size XLarge
070130 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size Small
DEIFL0114 DEI 2014 Full Line Catalog
010102Promo Exhaust Wrap Promo Kit
2 - 50ft Tan Wrap & Combo Tie Kit
010108Promo Exhaust Wrap Promo Kit
2 - 50ft Black Wrap & Combo Tie Kit
010127Promo Exhaust Wrap Promo Kit
2 - 50ft Titanium Wrap & Combo Tie Kit
010156 Start-Up Thermal Protection Kit
Includes 11 Parts
060506 Boom Mat Retail Display Sign
060527 DEI Stickers - 100 in a pack
060555 Boom Mat Catalog
060604 Product Display Board
Boom Mat Jeep Headliner - Rear Window Kit
070135 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size XXXLarge
070136 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size 4XLarge
070137 Boom Mat T-Shirt
Size 5X-Large
500100 Boom Mat Retail Starter Kit
500200 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Damping Material
500201 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Heavy Duty Damping Material
500202 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Under Carpet Sound Barrier Material
500203 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Leather Look Sound Barrier Material
500204 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Heat Moldable Sound & Moisture Barrier Material
500205 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Under Carpet Lite Sound Barrier Material
500206 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Under Hood Thermal Acosutic Lining Material
500207 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Floor & Tunnel Shield II Material
500220 Boom Mat 6in x 6in Sample
Full Line 6in x 6in Sample Pack
500300 Boom Mat Retail Speaker Baffle Retail Display
500900 Boom Mat Retail Speaker Baffle Retail Display Slat Wall Hook Kit
500910 Boom Mat Retail Grid Panel Display - 24in x 60in
w/Legs & Hooks
DEISUP1114 DEI 2015 New Products Brochure
070301 DEI Hat
Color Black
Size Small/Medium
070302 DEI Hat
Color Black
Size Large/Extra Large

Product Description

Show your support for DEI Thermal Tuning Products wherever you are!

Take the heat out of your car – and put the Flames on your back!

  • T-Shirts
    DEI T-Shirts are available in two different silk screened designs. Chose from front and back DEI “Flames” or DEI’s CryO2™ logo designed T-shirt. The “Flamed” black shirt vividly displays that you are true enthusiast in tune with the need to control heat in today’s hi-performance vehicles.
    These high quality T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.
  • Sunglasses
    Popular wrap style
    Impact resistant acrylic lenses
    100% UV protection
    Flames on each temple
  • Leather Jacket
    Made of 100% leather featuring sewn-in lettering, signature flames along with DEI and CryO2 logo’s. DEI custom made black leather jackets are available in most sizes. Contact DEI direct for availability and pricing.