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DEI Boom Mat Floor And Tunnel Shield II UNIVERSAL

Brand: DEI | Category: Wideband O2 Sensors & Gauges
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050507 Floor & Tunnel Shield II
Size 21in x 24in (3.5 Sq. Ft.)
050508 Floor & Tunnel Shield II
Size 21in x 48in (7 Sq. Ft.)
050509 Floor & Tunnel Shield II
Size 42in x 48in (14 Sq. Ft.)

Product Description

Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic, Floor & Tunnel Shield II limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue. Floor & Tunnel Shield II provides excellent light weight thermal protection and as a guard against track and road debris while acting as a sound deadener as well.

Constructed with an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to a 1/8” composite glass fiber core backed with a high temp super strong pressure sensitive backing, Floor & Tunnel Shield II withstands up to 1750°F of direct continuous heat and the adhesive side holds past 450°F. Its improved multifaceted modern aluminum surface offers improved reflectivity and rigidity and allows for ease of installation. At only 3/16” thick, this product can be shaped and trimmed for a custom fit and is ideal for minimal clearance areas.

With it’s unique and patented finely woven glass fiber backing, Floor & Tunnel Shield II is the easiest, most cost-effective and efficient way to control thermal transfer and protect expensive components and vehicle occupants from extreme heat situations and serves as a sound barrier.

Floor & Tunnel Shield II can be used on any number of surfaces including, metal, aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic and more. Multiple uses include: fire walls, under hoods, transmission tunnels, floorpans, fuel cells, exterior under-vehicle locations – anywhere to reflect damaging heat.

Floor and Tunnel Shield II is available in three sizes: 21” x 24” (3.5 sq. ft.), 21” x 48” (7 sq. ft.) and 42” x 48” (14 sq. ft.). Part numbers: 050507, 050508 and 050509 respectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Peel, trim & stick application
  • Use to shield & reflect unwanted heat
  • Only 3/16” thick
  • Aggressive adhesive backing
  • Withstands 1750°F direct continuous heat
  • Multiple uses