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DeatschWerks Surge Tanks UNIVERSAL

Brand: DeatschWerks | Category: Fuel Surge Tanks
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6-000-25ST Modular Surge Tank
2.5L Capcity
Fits 1 or 2 DW250il Fuel Pumps, PN 9-250
No fuel pumps included
6-000-35ST Modular Surge Tank
3.5L Capcity
Fits 1 or 2 DW350il Fuel Pumps, PN 9-350
No fuel pumps included

Product Description

DeatschWerks Modular Fuel Surge Tanks are engineered for versatility. Available in 2.5 liter and 3.5 liter capacities, the 2.5L tank can hold single or dual DW250iL in-line fuel pumps, and the 3.5L tank can hold single or dual DW350iL in-line fuel pumps. The tanks can be mounted horizontally or vertically.  Block-off plates are included to allow running ANY in-line pump externally.