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Davies Craig electric water pump kits UNIVERSAL

Brand: Davies Craig | Category: Water Pumps
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.

Product Description

Mechanical belt-driven water pumps run directly off the motor and sap engine power. And generally speaking, higher engine temperature offers improved fuel efficiency and lower engine temperature more power.

Davies Craig’s revolutionary, Australian-designed EWP pumps are made from anti-corrosive, lightweight alloy or plastic reinforced with fiberglass.

The electric water pump is hard-wired into your car’s electrical system, bypassing the engine and releasing up to an additional 13 HP.

Note: On an NA/NB Miata, requires modifying the stock water pump by opening it and removing the impeller from the shaft (a simple task).

The updated LCD digital controller how has two specific functions. It will now manage the operation of the EWP by varying the speed of the pump in response to the temperature of the engine and manage control of your electric engine fan(s). The controller enables you to set target temperatures from 140°F to 212°F. The LCD digital controller turns on the fan(s) automatically once the engine has risen above the target temperature. Also, using the controller, the pump can be set to continue running after the motor is off, eliminating heat soak and extending engine life.

Universal fit allows for easy mounting into the bottom radiator hose. Kits come with easy-to-understand DIY instructions and everything you need for easy installation, including different adaptors to fit various hose sizes and all necessary electrical wiring.