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Daikei steering wheel hub adaptors - NEW LOWER PRICES! MAZDA

Brand: Daikei | Category: Steering wheel adaptor hubs

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Click For More Info 2016 - 2017 MX-5 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ND
Click For More Info 1992 - 2002 RX-7 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL FD W/ CRUISE CONTROL
Click For More Info 2004 - 2011 RX-8 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL SE3P

Product Description

Daikei adaptor hubs enable you to replace your factory steering wheel with an aftermarket wheel.

They are true plug-and-play kits, with no extra parts needed or modifications required. The turn signal clock spring is retained and the stock airbag wiring harness remains hidden wrapped within the included black plastic accordion sleeve.

Everything is completely reversible, so if you ever want to sell your car, you can simply remove the Daikei kit and replace the stock steering wheel.

Each kit includes a resistor circuit to prevent the air bag warning light on the instrument cluster from blinking after the driver’s air bag has been removed from the car.

Daikei adaptor hubs are 75mm (3”) tall.

Kit contents:

• Nickel-plated swaged steel adaptor hub
• black plastic accordion sleeve
• wire harness for horn button
• airbag resistor circuit
• fasteners