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Blitz Power Filter - LM/LMD Panel Filter MAZDA

Brand: Blitz | Category: Drop-In Intake Filters

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2004 - 2009 3 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 1998 - 2005 MIATA BASE
L4 1.8 N ALL GAS
Click For More Info 1993 - 1995 RX-7 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

Utilizing the same filter as the LM Core-type filters, the BLITZ LM Stock Replacement Filters are designed to reduce intake restriction and provide maximum filtration without sacrificing the stock air-box. Unlike conventional filters made of paper or foam elements requiring oil to maintain filtering capacity, the BLITZ LM Stock Replacement filter is made of cotton, without any assistance of oil – the oils used to clean such filters gradually disperses into the inlet tracts of an engine, and coats the walls and in particular the air flow sensor, slowly reducing the performance of the vehicle. The BLITZ LM Stock Replacement is a simple remove and replace application.